Want To Improve Employee Health At Work?

One of the most efficient and effective ways is to bring in the experts. Health in Action is an Occupational Health service (with a big emphasis on service!) who can help you meet some of the challenges facing modern day businesses and organisations.

Are your managers feeling deflated?

Health In Action's interactive workshop is proven to encourage and equip manager's to effectively manage the challenges of health and wellness in the workplace.

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The Health and Wellness in the workplace specialists...

Look at the Advantages for your Workplace…

The benefits of implementing an effective Occupational Health program in your company or organisation are numerous:

  • The proper management of potential health risks.
  • Peace of mind that Equality Act 2010 regulations are met.
  • Clear compliance with Health and Safety Law.
  • Expert advice and support for Managers who can be managing complex health related issues within the workplace.
  • Promoting a reduction in health related absence by offering advice to both the employee and management, reducing both the financial costs as well as the personal cost to their team.
  • Increased morale among your workforce
We provide:
  • Case management – assessment and advice for individual employees either in work or off work on sickness absence.
  • Health Promotion – promoting and training your employees to work and live in a healthy way, thus benefitting everyone.
  • Health Surveillance – specific health checks for employees who are exposed to potential health risks in the workplace e.g. fumes, noise, vibration, chemicals.
  • Managerial Training – Working together with managers to ensure compliance with legislation and best practice is met and applied.
  • Employee Training – stress management, use of display screen equipment
Clinical Expertise Coupled With Customer Service

We offer a comprehensive service that is tailored to suit your business needs, however big or small. We will work together with you to deliver the results that you need.